CC6 Race 1, Sunday 3rd October

Hardley Runners look forward to seeing you at Roundhills campsite for the first CC6 race. Our race will be within the Ladycross Inclosure starting just past Ladycross Lodge. The course is on the wide gravel tracks with a few hills thrown in for good measure. We hope you enjoy the race.

A few notes about the event.

Carparking will be in Roundhills campsite, Beaulieu Rd, Brockenhurst SO42 7QL and we have been given permission to park on a grass area within the campsite. As this is our first-year at this location parking will be a learning curve so we would ask that you carshare where possible to keep vehicle numbers down and if you could please be patient with the marshals who will do their best to get everyone parked in the space we have been given.The area for the club tents will be close to the parking area and the marshals will direct you.
It’s a small walk from the club tent area to the start line which will take no longer than 10 minutes. You will be walking alongside and crossing a main road so please be aware of road users.
The course is open to the public so please be aware of other people along the route.
There are no toilets on the campsite.
Water will be available at the race finish, but please bring your own waterbottles / cups. However, with Covid 19 we advise that you bring your owndrinks with you.
Given current levels of Covid please maintain social distancing wherepossible, we would also recommend a face covering is warn in the start area. If you are not feeling well or have been in contact with anyone who has Covid then please don’t attend.
We are not allowed to put anything into the ground both in the campsite and in the inclosure this means that sadly club flags will not be allowed unless you have a way of supporting them other than being in the ground. This also goes for tent pegs and wooden stakes.
We ask that you do not litter and take your rubbish home with you but we will have bins in the tent area if they are required.
• Please can everyone ensure we leave Roundhills around 30 minutes after the race finishes. We need to leave the site by 11.30 so sadly we cannot use it for a New Forest adventure. There are plenty of other car parks nearby if you wish to extend your stay (which is highly recommended).

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First cc6 race, season 21/22

sorry for the delay in publishing the seasons fixtures but unfortunately we have been having many issues obtaining permits from Forestry England for our traditional forest courses due to the new parking and habitat regulation rules recently introduced however i can now confirm the first cc6 race will be held on a new course from Roundhill campsite on October 3rd – i know this does clash with other races but only available date permitted in October – further details to follow and provisional fixtures for rest off season will be uploaded hopefully within next week.

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Oops – team results faux pas corrected

Many Many apologies for the error in the team results. This has now been corrected and a link to the updated team tables is here….

Here are the results in PDF format

MASSIVE congratulations to Winchester men and Lymington ladies for topping the charts!!!

Apologies again, my excel skills clearly need updating too!!!

All the best and happy running :0)

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Virtual CC6 20201 – Final Results!!!

MASSIVE well done and Thankyou to everyone who took part in the virtual CC6 series this year!!! I hope you all enjoyed getting out and smashing these amazing off road 5 milers!!! I have loved hearing about the routes you have all been running!!! Here are those all-important final results!!!…..

A HUGE kudos to this year’s winners…..

Overall Men:

1. Kit Lau, Southampton AC

2. Dan Latham, Hardley Runners

3. Jason Palmer-Myers, WADAC

Overall Women:

1. Jane Gandee, WADAC

2. Valeria Sesto, Lymington Athletes

3. Emma Carter, WADAC

Mens Age group Winners:

S. Dan Latham, Hardley Runners

V40. Kit Lau, Southampton AC

V50. Jason Palmer-Myers, WADAC

V60. Steve Oliver, WADAC

V70. Mick Anglim, Hardley Runners

Womens Age Group Winners:

S.  Alice Rudd, Hardley Runners

V40. Valeria Sesto, Lymiongton Athletes

V50. Jane Gandee, WADAC

V60. Jane Hodge, Hardley Runners

V70. Chris Harris, Hardley Runners

Mens Teams:

1. Hardley Runners


3. Eastleigh RC

Womens Teams:


2. Hardley Runners

3. Lymington Athletes

For the full results, follow this link……

Cheers and fingers crossed for some non-virtual RR10’ing this season!!!

All the best,

Becky :0)

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Virtul CC6 – March Results!

Hi all,

A MASSIVE well done for another AWESOME set of results….. some super swift times this month!!!….. Check out the current standings here.


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Virtual CC6 February Results!!!

Hi all,

MASSIVE apologies that I kept you waiting in suspense for so long this month!!!

Here is a link to the virtual CC6 standings two months in!!!

I imagine there were some pretty muddy trail shoes in February, but STILL those times are getting EVEN BETTER!!! Can’t WAIT to see what the March results have in store!!!

Keep up the amazing work and I’ll try to be quicker off the mark myself next month with publishing the results!

Have fun,

Becky :0)

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Virtual cc6 – extra month added

Good news for anyone who has missed a months run – we are extending the virtual league into April and the final results will now be based on accumulative times from the best of 3 of the 4 runs.

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Virtual CC6 January Results!!!

Hi all!!!

Well done to all those who got out during January and completed a 5 miler for the virtual CC6 series!!! The times were astonishing!!! MASSIVE kudos and keep up the great work!!

Here is a link to the January results page :0)

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CC6 Virtual Races

With it now looking highly unlikely that the league will resume this season due to the current covid situation we are now looking to hold 3 off-road timed 5 mile runs with individual club members picking their own routes and dates/times of runs to suit themselves and then forwarding the details of their run onto their relevant cc6 rep for collating and forwarding on for adding onto the cc6 website.

basic rules are

  1. Runners to pick a 5 mile off-road run of their own choice (no road crossings please), preferably with start and finish in roughly the same location (can be laps) and then submit the details to their club cc6 rep (strava photo showing elapsed time or similar)
  2. 3 runs in total, one in January, one in February, one in March with exact date and time of run left to individual runner to choose – you can do as many runs as you want but only one to be submitted per month please
  3. run details to be submitted by end of each month and then club reps to collate information and forward onto Becky on Excel spreadsheet by end of first week in following month please
  4. runners must partake in all 3 runs to be eligible to win their relevant age category group – no individual awards I’m afraid, just the normal recognition on the website
  5. runs must comply with current covid rules which means for most of us no more than one other person with you on your runs (and whatever new rules may emerge in the next 3 months)

Your club cc6 reps should be able to answer any queries you have and if not they can forward onto me – good luck and lets hope we are back to normal for next season.


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CC6 Results now up!!!

Hi all,

Thanks for being so patient in waiting for me to get these results published…… so finally….. the moment you have all been waiting for!!!……

Here is a link to the final CC6 series results for 2019-2020!!! (sidenote – these results have been finalised based on the assumption that mens ticket number 92 blew away in the wind before it made it to the hands of the intended recipient!!! ;0)…….

SO  ….. a MASSIVE congratulations to this season’s winners!!!…..

Emily Trumpleman from Lordshill and Helen Wallington from Totton are joint winners for the overall women’s title, alongside Ant Gritton from Lordshill who takes this season’s mens overall!!!

Lordshill snap up both Men’s and women’s team titles, so a huge well done to them!!!

A MASSIVE congratulations to this season’s age group winners too….

Emily Trumpelmann (Lordshill), Sarah Nangle (Eastleigh), Helen Wallington (Totton), Sally Gilbert (STC), Rosemarie Osborn (New Forest), Ant Gritton (Lordshill), David Currie (Eastleigh), Trevor Hillier (Lordshill), Mike White (Stubbington Green) and Mick Anglin (Hardley)…… You are all LEGENDS!!!!!

WHAT A SEASON….. Well done to everyone for turning up and making this series so awesome!!! Bring on the RR10’s!!! :0)

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