Race 2 – Whiteley – 2nd October


I missed this one, but judging from all the feedback, it sounds like everyone had fun, it certainly was a great weatherwise.

This is what you said:

“Despite yesterdays rain it turned out nice and the course didn’t seem to be too muddy, were numbers down a bit with Bournemouth and Clarendon, felt a bit quieter?

What a wonderful morning it was. Everyone from LTC really enjoyed it and agreed the course is a great addition to the calendar!

One piece of feedback from the run was there was some confusion about the finish line, but other than that we all had a very enjoyable morning splashing in the mud, thanks to Stubbington and Netley!!

From the team formerly known as Lordshill, please find attached the results from Southampton. Just 6 brave men and 3 brave women from us today. Thanks to Stubbington and Netley for organising.”      (hahahaha DiM)

Big apologies to STC Men for not including them in last time’s team score, you’re in now chaps.  Results are up, but still missing man number 28 – WHO ARE YOU??

If anyone was taking photos please let me know, and I’ll post the link here.

Next up Hardley’s race at Dibden on 6th November, see you there!




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Race 1 – Fleming Park – 18th September

Many thanks to Eastleigh, Hedge End and Itchen Spitfires for hosting Sunday’s event in perfect conditions.  There has been plenty of great feedback, so I think we can safely conclude that we enjoyed it!  Thanks for taking out the bunkers too!

There are some fabulous photos taken by Ken Grist, who has kindly shared them on Flickr.  Here is the link:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/140507985@N07/

Results are now complete, with the exception of Male Position 103. If you are, or know this person, please get in touch.  dimatt@btinternet.com


Next up, Whiteley on 2nd October.  Please make sure to give your tickets to the club results person.  Club results person, please send in results before 6pm Sunday night.

Thank you




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2016-17 Season Dates

The dates have been confirmed, and are as follows:

CC6 16-17

Please fill your cars with runners, we must keep the number of cars being parked, especially in the Forest, to a minimum.  Club committee members, please make sure everyone is aware of this – thank you!

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CC6 Season 2016-2017

Hello Runners!

PLEASE NOTE:  The date of the first race has already been set.  Details are:

  • 18th September
  • Fleming Park
  • 9:30 am

We have provisonal dates for the other 7 races, and as soon as they are confirmed they will be posted here.

Enjoy your summer running wherever you are!



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2015-16 Season Results


2015-6 Cat wins

Just click on the table to get it to a readable size!

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Race 7 – Wilverley Plain

What a finale!  Thank you New Forest & Lymington Tri for a great race today, and as for the cake tent, WOW!!  So lucky with the weather, just imagine running that course in the rain…

So, congratulations to the following:


1st Richard Waldron SAC, 2nd James Phillips Lymington Tri, 3rd Dan Campion Lordshill.


1st  Nikki Roebuck Stubbington, 2nd Sam Parkinson Winchester, 3rd Emma Carter Winchester

1st Men’s Team Southampton AC, and 1st Ladies Team Stubbington.


Not so much feedback in the results’ emails this time, whether that’s due to it being Mothers’ Day or sheer exhaustion, I’m not sure, but some postie chap did complain that the course hadn’t been cleaned up very well!  (He fell over twice!)  He did have a twinkle in his eye when he said it though.

This is what you thought of it:

  • The running mothers of Winchester were so taken by the groaning cake table before the race we decided to take a team photo, cake stall and ladies, amazing!  It was nice to have a race with a little less mud than previous courses (just for change), with sunshine, friendly marshals and a real end of term feel, well done, we enjoyed the race despite some heavy legs.
  • Thanks to New Forest and Lymo for today’s race – a great way to end the season, a Spring Classic!  Bring on the RR10.  Thanks for your efforts this season.
  • Please extend our thanks to New Forest and LTC for a great, and tough, race.  As usual they put on a great selection of cakes which were very welcome!

A great season enjoyed by hundreds of runners, see you at the RR10s!

A message from Stuart Judd:

Hi All
There are some cracking photos from the CC6 at Wilverley at either our club facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/89119299349/
or on this flickr page https://flic.kr/g/sbskF
Hope you all enjoyed running it and much as we enjoyed hosting it.

Stuart Judd, NFR


New Forest Runners & Lymington Tri Club

2016 CC6 7/7: Wilverley Plain


(Private house – race car parks 500m north)

OS GRID REF SU 254 010
COURSE DISTANCE 8km (approx)
DATE: 6th March 2014 RACE START 0930 Prompt


  • From North: Take A35 south from Lyndhurst.
  • From South: Take A35 North from Christchurch.
  • Turn left onto slip road at Holmsley Tea Rooms,
  • Signed “Setthorns”, “Burley Manor Hotel”.
  • Turn right onto minor road
  • Signed “Setthorns”, “Sway”, “Brockenhurst”.
  • Travel east for 2km, over cattle grid, follow road up and left to car parks.



  • There is an initial 1 km wide, flat grass run prior to the path narrowing.
  • The course consists of grass, gravel track, mud, single track, bog and water crossings. Spikes are not recommended.
  • The course is configured as a single loop.
  • The course is owned by the Forestry Commission and is open for public use.
  • Please be considerate to other forest users and aware of horses.
  • There are limited toilet facilities in the main car park (Please Car share where possible to reduce congestion and needing to use overflow car parks ½ mile away)
  • Tea and Cake available afterwards.
  • Free mud and trainers* filled with water for every finisher.

*runners will need to bring their own trainers 🙂



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Race 6 – Denny Wood – 21st February – 9:30am


Thank you Totton for today’s race.  I was getting my muddy race fix elsewhere, but by all accounts everyone had fun!  Feedback from your results people is as follows:

  • Many thanks to all the marshals today for another great race at Denny’s Wood. Nice conditions for a change !!
  • Thanks to Totton for a great race, and a fine effort with the cake table!
  • Please extend our thanks to Totton RC for a great race. The course was challenging but made more bearable with the constant support from their many marshals.  The rewards too were amazing with the vast array of cakes on offer. Well done Totton.
  • …the fantastic CC6 today!!!
  • The Green Army enjoyed Dennywood today, thank you Totton for hosting
  • A great race this morning. Plenty of mud – just as we like them!!
  • … it was a lovely and convenient race as always with plenty of water hazards and loads of supportive marshals, the cake stall was excellent, and we were able to stumble, in a sugar haze, from the finish our vehicle.

I do have all the results in, but haven’t completed the master table yet, so only this week’s are showing for now.  Will try to finish off tomorrow. Sorry…

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Race 5 – Kings Garn Gutter

Thank you Romsey and Halterworth for a ‘charming’ little race on Sunday, hats off to everyone that managed to run all of that last hill!

This is what you had to say about it:

“Thank you for your “encouragement” (you’re welcome Rich!)

Definately the toughest course in the series, needless to say, everyone loved it!

Was really pleased to get back to the shower after that one.  Can’t remember ever carrying around as much mud as I did today and that’s without falling over….

Stoney Cross was the toughest course so far for the series

Just like to thank the marshals for turning out on this drizzly day, hope not too many shoes were lost in the race.

Many thanks to Romsey & Halterworth for great race this morning in the drizzle/mud/hills of Kings Garn Gutter … it’s certainly a tough one!”

Next up is Dennywood on 21st Feb, you’d better get those shoes clean!


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Race 4 – Badger Farm

Many thanks to Winchester, Southampton and SR Sisters for today’s race, cakes and sunshine!

Here is the feedback:

“I swear that hill gets longer each year!

Can’t believe we managed to complete the event without getting rained on….

Once again, despite the challenges of the chalky mud, it was a great race with lots of support from the marshals.  Please extend our thanks to Running Sisters, Southampton and Winchester.

Another well organised race again with the weather holding off.”

Our good friend Paul Hammond was present today with his weapon, and you can see the fruits of his labours here .  Thanks Paul!

PS – All results are now on one spreadsheet!



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Race 3 – Janesmoor Pond

Thank you Lordshill and Wessex, we were blessed with dry weather, but by the look of you coming in I think it may have been a tad soggy on the course!  Here is the feedback received:

  • We really enjoyed the CC6 today and the extra effort by the marshals was outstanding.
  • Everyone enjoyed the course and the cakes were excellent.
  • Perhaps one of my favourite races, its  a bit like a chocolate with a soft centre, except replace the chocolate for mud.  Nice and technical, and some faster stretches too, I don’t remember so many santa marshals this time compared to previous years and the cake selection was great too.
  • While it was very muddy, this is one of our favourite fixtures and it was great to see so many marshall’s dressed for the festive occasion!  Please extend our thanks to Lordshill & Wessex.
  • Many thanks for a great race today (especially the cakes for us spectators).
  • Great race today – many thanks to you and all the very encouraging marshals for a well organised event.

Thanks for sending the results in so promptly, and (mostly) on the Excel sheets.  Merry Christmas everyone!

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